It started with a dream. A dream with such great force that it could will a young woman of nineteen to pack all of her belongings into her car, leave her home town and family, and move to a place that never promised her anything. However, this city had already given her more hope at achieving her dreams than she had ever felt before.

Ciarra Siller grew up in the small town of Boulder City, Nevada, located just a few miles south from Las Vegas. The quant historic town still holds many memories for her. From the local high school football games, to the annual 4th of July Parade, Ciarra will never forget her roots. But since the day Ciarra realized her passion for acting, the small town life was never something she planned on living forever. She wanted something more in life than what Boulder City had to offer.

Ciarra discovered her love for performing at a young age. She was encouraged by her older sister Michelle, who was blessed with an incredible singing voice that won her much attention around town. Eager to keep up she quickly found the spotlight on stage. She made her debut at the local fair by performing a sister duo and dancing to “I like it, I love it, I want some more of it” by Tim McGraw.

Throughout the years Ciarra’s passion for performing only grew. Every opportunity that involved performing she took. Her eagerness to learn, and willingness to apply herself led her to achieve great success in her acting career.

With Ciarra’s passion for performing visibly growing more and more, her mother planned a trip to Los Angeles for her fifteenth birthday. Ciarra loved every moment being in the city that is infused and flowing with artistic energy. However, for Ciarra, the birthday trip was too short. Upon her departure back home she and her family stopped at a gas station. While waiting in the car she intensely watched all the people around. As she looked among the masses, a stunning woman, with long flowing brown hair, wearing a beautiful gown was getting out of a limousine.

At that moment she made a promise to herself, she would move to Los Angeles to be an actress. Only four years later Ciarra packed her bags and headed for Hollywood. Her first day in Los Angeles, she found herself back at that very same gas station. Although not wearing a beautiful gown and no limousine in sight, she didn’t care. Because she knew that it is not what is tangible that makes you happy, but it is the pursuance of your dreams.

Biography written by Abby Schams, Ciarra's best friend.

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